Effect of vitamin C and vitamin E administration on lipoprot | 16977
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Effect of vitamin C and vitamin E administration on lipoproteins and lipid peroxidation markers in natural diabetic dogs


EL-Seady Y and EL-Deeb W.

The effects of vitamin C and vitamin E treatment on the plasma lipoproteins and lipid peroxidation were carried out on 28 clinically diabetic dogs in addition to 10 healthy normal dogs, considered as a control group, their ages ranged from 5-8 years. The diabetic dogs categorized into four groups (7 animals in each). The first one considered as diabetic non treated while the 2nd treated with insulin and 3rd and 4th treated with insulin in combination with vitamin C or vitamin E respectively. Blood samples were collected from control dogs as well as from diabetic ones before and after treatment. All blood samples were collected in heparinzed clean tubes and plasma separated for assaying levels of glucose and lipoproteins as well as SOD, CAT, GSH-PX and MDA. The obtained results revealed that, glucose levels returned to normal levels in vitamins treated diabetic dogs. By the same way treatment of diabetic dogs with vitamin C and E significantly decreased lipoproteins levels. Moreover, lipid peroxidations were significantly decreased in vitamins treated groups than diabetic one as indicated by MDA level. We concluded that vitamin C and E treatment may potentiate insulin action on lipid peroxidation in diabetic dogs.

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