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Effect of tillage and farm yard manure on physical properties of soil


Naveed Iqbal Khan, Asmat Ullah Malik, Farah Umer, M. Irfan Bodla

A field experiment was conducted at Research Area of Institute of Soil ad Environmental Sciences, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad during year 2004 with the objective to determine the effect of tillage and Farm Yard Manure on soil tilth at sandy clay loam soil. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Complete Blocked Design with four replications having split plot arrangement. Three tillage aspects (Deep tillage (DP), Conventional tillage (CT) and Minimum tillage (MT) and three Farm Yard Manure levels (20 Mg ha-1, 40 Mg ha-1 and control) were used as media of research. The tillage methods were kept in the main plots and FYM levels in subplots. The results revealed that tillage methods significantly increases the soil physical properties as increase in saturated hydraulic conductivity in deep tillage method and decrease in bulk density of soil was noted. The farm yard manure (FYM) also affected the physical properties as it increased saturated hydraulic conductivity. The maximum supply of nitrogen contents (0.079%) was recorded in case of application of FYM (40 Mg ha-1) during minimum tillage.

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