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Effect of N levels and sowing methods on the growth and yield of swiss chard cv. kalam selection


Ijaz Ali1 and Asghar Ali2

Effect of sowing methods and N applications on growth and yield of Swiss chard cv. Kalam selection was studied. Three sowing methods (plain sowing, single side ridge sowing and double side ridge sowing) and six N levels (0, 20, 50, 80, 110, and 140 kg N ha-1) were included. Both different N levels and sowing methods expressed no effect in number of days taken to germination but negative effect of N was observed in the case of number of days taken to edible maturity and a shorter period for edible maturity was recorded in plain sowing. Leaf fresh yield and growth vigor like plant height, number of leaves per plant and leaf area were significantly affected by N levels and sowing methods while seed yield was only significantly affected by N levels. Leaf fresh yield and growth vigor per plant was highest in single side ridge sowing but due to more number of plants in the double side ridge sowing resulted in high total fresh and seed yield. The results revealed that Swiss chard should be grown on double side ridge with sufficient amount of N to obtain a higher fresh yield

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