Early preventive measures are effective against transmission | 18096
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Early preventive measures are effective against transmission of rotavirus disease from person to person in the hospital environment.


Guillermo Sólomon Santibáñez, Jaime Ramírez Mayans, Napoleon González Saldaña, Hilda Hernández Orozco, Jose Luis Castañeda Narvaez, Ester Lombardo Aburto, Natividad Navarrete Delgadillo, Wendy Domínguez Viveros, Hugo Juárez Olguín

An observational surveillance study was carried out to describe the outbreak of rotavirus in a pediatric hospital in Mexico City. A total of 13 cases of intra hospital rotavirus infections were identified. None of these cases was vaccinated against rotavirus. The average duration of hospitalization of the patients was 11 days (range 3 to 33 days). Implementation of contact precautionary measures successfully ended the outbreak 21 days after detection. All cases were successfully managed and treated with symptomatic measures. We corroborate the importance of implementation of early preventive measures in intra hospital outbreaks of rotavirus for adequate control.

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