Drought stress effect on morphology characters, water use e | 16456
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Drought stress effect on morphology characters, water use efficiency, growth and yield of guinea and napier grasses


E.D. Purbajanti*1, S. Anwar 2, Wydiati 2 and F. Kusmiyati

An understanding of morphological plant according water stress usually task for physiologists interested in the topic of drought tolerance. The objectives of these studies were to (1) understand the morphology character under in drought stress of Guinea and Napier grasses, (2) understand ability of Guinea and Napier grasses used lack water for growth and, (3) quantity herbage mass at different period of drought stress. Treatment of drought stress has significant increased leaf rolling score, relative water leaf ratio, but decreased plant height and herbage mass on Guinea and Napier grasses. Furthermore, leaf dying score, drought tolerance and tiller number have not effect by drought stress. Water use efficiency of Guinea grass decrease in three times drought stress (DS258), while on Napier grass WUE have same effect with control. This means Napier grass have more efficient used water. Guinea grass decreased herbage mass at three times drought stress about 25.9% compared to control. While Napier grass decreased 22.20%. There was mean that Guinea grass more tolerance to drought stress.

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