Disease diagnosis using an advanced distance measure for Int | 18253
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Disease diagnosis using an advanced distance measure for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets


Pranjal Talukdar, Palash Dutta

In the application of intuitionistic fuzzy sets(IFSs), distance measures play a very important role in decision science. Though different distance measures of IFSs are developed with various aspects, many of them do not satisfy the axioms of distance measure or encounter some counterintuitive cases. To fill up the deficiency it is always useful to define novel distance measures, which motivates us towards the development of new distance measure. This paper presents a new method for distance measure between IFSs. For the efficiency and validity of the proposed distance measure a comparitive study is carried out with the numerical examples and also the distance measure is applied in a multi criteria decision making process. Finaly, two medical diagnosis problems are discudssed under this setting.

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