Determinants of contraceptive usage among Myanmar migrant wo | 18021
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Determinants of contraceptive usage among Myanmar migrant women in Phang-Nga Province, Thailand


Htoo Htoo Kyaw Soe, Nan Nitra Than, Avneet Kaul, Senthil Kumar and Ratana Somrongthong

Since 2000, Myanmar migrant population has been dra matically increasing in Thailand. Many migrant people cannot have access to the primary health car e, antenatal care nor family planning services. Thi s study was done to determine the prevalence and dete rminants of contraceptive usage among Myanmar migrant women of reproductive age in Phang-Nga Prov ince, Thailand. A total of 297 married women between 15-49 years old participated in this study. Face to face interview using a questionnaire was done after getting informed consent. The contracept ive prevalence rate was 80.1%, and the most preferred methods of contraception were injected an d oral pills. Marital duration, education and numbe r of living children were found to be significantly a ssociated with usage of contraception. Moreover, th is study highlighted the gap between knowledge and usa ge of contraception among Myanmar migrant married women. It was recommended that government a nd non-government organization should extend their services including supply as well as informat ion to reach to the main need of the Myanmar migran t community.

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