Designing Simulation interventions to Reduce Stress Among Ne | 49811
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Designing Simulation interventions to Reduce Stress Among New Graduate Nurses in the Intensive Care Units in Saudi Arabia: A Mixed Methods Design.


Ayidah Sanad Alqarni

Background: Stress is often associated with being exposed to pressure usually in the working environment. Numerous researches were establishing in health care professional specifically among nurses the negative impact of job related stress. Among the many factors, communication and workload have been as major factors that contribute to stress. Over the years, simulation training has been used an alternative clinical experience to assess clinical competence for new graduate nurses in response to specific clinical situations. Simulation learning is envisaged to be a novel route towards reducing stress and gaining access to relevant clinical experience that may be essential to new graduate nurses.
Objective: The aim of this study was to explored stressors among new graduate registered nurses in the intensive care units (ICUs) in one hospital in Saudi Arabian and explores
the use of a complex intervention of simulation-based learning exercise (SBLE) to assist in reducing stress.

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