Cultural gyroscope model: Matching staff with organizations


Weiku W and Jiayin Z

The classical model of corporate culture is that of a static pie model composed of four levels: the conceptual level, the institutional level, the behavioral level, and the artifact level. Based on the theory of gyrodynamics, this paper advances the cultural gyroscope model for the purpose of matching staff and organizations. The cultural gyroscope model defines the conceptual level of culture as the axis of the gyroscope; the institutional, behavioral, and artifact levels as the flywheel of the gyroscope; staff as a particle on the flywheel; and entrepreneurship as the driving force for the rotation of the gyroscope. This model, which features both simplicity and inclusiveness, dynamically integrates culture, entrepreneurship, the match between staff and culture and interprets corporate culture from a comprehensive perspective. Keywords: Corporate culture model, the match between staff and organization, cultural gyroscope, Leadership.

DOI: 10.14303/jribm.2018.019

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