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Comparative study between Pentacam and anterior segment OCT in measuring anterior segment parameters in myopic patients


Rania Medhat Fahmy

Background: Accurate quantitative measurements of central corneal thickness (CCT), Anterior chamber depth (ACD), and Aqueous depth (AD) provide valuable clinical information and are important for preoperative assessment, surgical planning, and follow-up in phakic IOL implantation. Ultrasound (US) is typically widely used for measuring these parameters. But, nowadays, noncontact devices such as the Visante Anterior Segment optical coherence tomographer (AS-OCT) and Pentacam are more popular in measuring ocular parameters, so we need to study the degree of agreement between these two optical devices, to get precise measurement for anterior segment parameters. Purpose: To study the degree of agreement between two optical devices Pentacam and AS-OCT for measuring anterior segment parameters. Materials and Methods: A total of 61 eyes of 61 subjects aged (18-24) years were examined with Pentacam and AS-OCT. One eye per subject was examined three times with both devices to record their CCT, ACD and AD. Three consecutive measurements of each device were obtained by the same investigator. Results: Current study carried out on 61 eyes of 61 subjects revealed that there was a statistically significant differences in the mean CCT and AD between Pentacam and Visante OCT. The Pentacam has more reliability in measuring CCT and Visante OCT in measuring AD in myopic patients. However, good agreement was found between these two devices in measuring ACD. There was no correlation between spherical equivalent (SE) of the subjects and parameters measured by both Pentacan and Visante OCT and a strong positive correlation between ACD and AD given by Pentacam as well as Visante. Conclusion: In conclusion, results succeeded to demonstrate that the Pentacam and Visante-OCT are correlated in measuring anterior segment parameters. The differences between these two devices were statistically significant in measuring CCT and AD. However, these differences were not highly significant clinically, and therefore the Pentacam and AS-OCT can be used interchangeably in clinics.

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