Comparative Cure Rates of Artesunate-Praziquantel Combinatio | 16319
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Comparative Cure Rates of Artesunate-Praziquantel Combination and Praziquantel Monotherapy in the Control of Urinary Schistosomiasis among Almajiri School Children in Sokoto, Nigeria


Yunusa EU, Awosan KJ, Ibrahim MTO and Ahmed MI

Schistosomiasis is the third most devastating tropi cal disease in the world and about the most important of all water impounding diseases in the t ropics. In the absence of vaccine for preventing th e disease and the widely reported therapeutic failure with praziquantel monotherapy, identification of drug combinations with high therapeutic efficacy is crucial to protecting vulnerable populations such as ‘Almajiri’ children from the scourge of the dise ase.

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