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Combined therapy effect of D-002 and omeprazole on chronic esophagitis induced by duodenal reflux in rats


Zullyt Barbara Zamora Rodriguez National Center for Scientific Research, Cuba

Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a common gastrointestinal disorder. D-002 (beeswax alcohols) and omeprazole (OMP) present protective effects on esophagitis by reflux. In this study, the effect of combined therapy D002 + OMP on duodenum-esophageal reflux (DER) induced-esophagitis in rats was evaluated. Rats were randomized into five groups: one negative control and fourth groups with DER, including a positive control, two with D-002 and OMP (200 and 20 mg/kg, respectively), and other with combination therapy D-002 + OMP (200 + 20 mg/kg, respectively). All treatments were orally administered for 14 days after DER. Esophageal lesions’ index (ELI), Histological score (HS) and malondialdehyde (MDA) content in esophagus were determined. Positive controls exhibited increase ELI, HS and MDA in esophagus compared to negative controls. The combination therapy lowered significantly both ELI (48.05%) and MDA (67.8%) compared to positive controls, but without significant differences compared to their respective monotherapies. However, the combination therapy significantly reduced the HS respect to the positive control, reaching 96% inhibition, an effect that was higher than each of the monotherapies. In conclusion, the administration of the combination therapy (D-002 + OMP) represents an additional benefit in the protection of esophageal tissue with respect to treatment with monotherapies.

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