Coal Mining vis-�? -vis Agriculture in India: A question of | 16791
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Coal Mining vis-�? -vis Agriculture in India: A question of Sustainability


Dr. Sribas Goswami, Dr. Ramananda Goswami

Coal mining adversely affects the eco-system as a whole. It is important to conduct suitable assessment studies to learn the potential adverse impact of mining on flora and fauna. In the subsequent discussions an attempt has been made to clarify the coal mining activities and its residual impact on environment and agricultural activities. Leaseholds for the underground mines are procured from the land lords who grant mining authority the right for underground coal mining. The land for houses, dwellings and the associated activities are purchased piecemeal from different sources while large portion of the surface right remained under the control of farmers and landlords. Underground mining in these areas is conducted with full responsibility of the surface protection by the operators who normally maintain pillars as the natural support to the surface features. Increasing demand for open caste mining process requires huge land. These lands sometime are acquired at the cost of cultivable land. Coal mining has direct impact over agriculture in the study region and residual impacts of mining bring far reaching consequences. The task is to bring out the issues related to coal mining activities and their impact on vegetation and agriculture in adjoining areas through this study.

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