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Chemical composition and mineral element content of two cowpea (Igna unguiculata l. walp.) varieties as food supplement


Famata AS, Modu S, Mida HM, Hajjagana L, Shettima AY and Hadiza A.

The effect of processing on the chemical composition and mineral element content of two local cultivars of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) was studied. The processing method subjected to are dehulling and roasting respectively. Four samples were prepared: processed (dehulled and roasted) and raw unprocessed from both varieties. The crude protein content of the raw and the processed varieties ranged from 19.82%-19.32% kananado and Banjaram jambo: 17.42%-16.92% respectively, same pattern was recorded for crude fat 2.1%-1.85% and 1.05%-0.80% and crude fiber 3.68%-2.37% and 2.61%-1.29%; whereas percentage ash (1.93%, 3.92%) and moisture contents (5.55% and 6.90%) the decrease is not statistically significant. The % carbohydrate content, however, increased (66.92%- 69.21% and 68.1%-71.05% respectively). The mineral element contents of the two varieties reduced (with few exceptions) after processing (e.g. Na in Kananado: 37mg/L-32mg/L and Mg in Banjaram jambo: 28.7mg/L-26.7mg/L).

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