Characterization of grape cultivars through ESTP| Abstract


International Research Journal of Plant Science

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Characterization of grape cultivars through ESTP


Haiko Enok Sawazaki, Mara Fernandes Moura, Adriana Renata Verdi, Claudio Luiz Messias.

Grapevine cultivars developed by the Instituto Agronômico de Campinas, known as Máximo IAC 138-22, IAC Rainha and IAC Madalena were characterized to provide a distinct genetic profile to assist in creating a typical wine. The characterization was made by means of the methodology Expressed Sequence Tag Polymorphism (ESTP). Of thirteen PCR primers derived from EST of grapes initially chosen nine DNA fragments were amplified with quality, for sequencing and only three sequences showed different alleles corresponding to nine single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). Although, the SNP frequency of about 1.2 per locus, observed in this study was low, through the analysis of the sequences were detected restriction sites specific for the differentiation of IAC 138-22 Máximo, IAC Rainha and IAC Madalena.

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