Canine latent papillomavirus infection and chromosomal insta | 16962
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Canine latent papillomavirus infection and chromosomal instability studies in peripheral blood lymphocytes and tumors cells cultures from lesions biopsy.


Rachel Siqueira de Queiroz Simões Marins, Keila Mara Cassiano, Sílvia Regina Ferreira Gonçalves Pereira, Denise Monnerat Nogueira, Eulógio Queiroz de Carvalho

In the present study, we reported about papillomavirus (PV) clinical infection and viral latent investigation in canines. Clinical and molecular analyses for detection of DNA PV infection, as well as histopathology examination and cytogenetic evaluation were carried out in clinical lesions canines. Blood sample from the both epithelial infection and the asymptomatic dogs had been collected for molecular analysis. Amplification of DNA samples with the L1 gene from generic primers were detected in skin biopsies and blood samples from canines healthy clinically or not. To investigate the chromosomal fragility, we researched by cytogenetic technique in the peripheral blood lymphocytes cultures and in the tumors cells cultures from canines presenting oral and cutaneous warts lesions. The histological examinations of the skin biopsy specimens were diagnosed like adenoma, carcinoma and papilloma. In some cases, besides the surgical removal, autogenous vaccine derived from fresh warts of the same animal was indicated. The findings documented as mucosal and cutaneous tropism, which the PV viral infection not confined only epithelial sites, but also involved intracellular genome of host cell.

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