Biochemical changes during storage of chocolate. | 16851
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Biochemical changes during storage of chocolate.


Poonam Yadav, J. P. Pandey and S. K. Garg

In India, consumption of chocolate rank first among common confectionery food and number of industries engaged in processing of chocolate. The temperature ranges varied from 25�?°C to 40�?°C with an increment of 5�?°C and the relative humidity levels were 30, 55 and 75 per cent. The samples (heat sealed packed, butter paper packed and unpacked chocolate) were stored in desiccators having salt solution for maintain relative humidity (30, 55 and 75 per cent) and kept in incubators at experimental temperature (25, 30, 35 and 40�?°C). The chocolate quality was detected in terms of moisture content, FFA, and PV at the time of procurement respectively 0.21 per cent db, 0.35 per cent Oleic acids, 0.55 MeqO2/Kg,. After 130 days of storage the maximum value of moisture content, FFA, and PV were respectively 1.74 per cent (db), 1.39 (per cent Oleic acid), 2.27 (MeqO2/Kg Fat), for heat sealed laminated packed chocolate.

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