Barriers faced by service providers in meeting the sexual an | 17903
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Barriers faced by service providers in meeting the sexual and reproductive health needs of deaf persons in Ibadan metropolis: A qualitative study


Oyedunni S. Arulogun, Musibau A. Titiloye and Adeyimika Desmenu

Deaf persons have unique cultural and linguistic is sues that affect healthcare experiences. The study aimed at exploring the level of preparedness of pro viders of reproductive health care services to meet the need of deaf clients. The methodology consisted of 11 individual in-depth interviews spread over health facilities in close proximity to institution s for the deaf in Ibadan with service providers. On ly private health facilities reportedly provided servi ces to deaf clients and none of the health care providers interviewed had ever been trained on serv ice provision for the deaf. Communication was the key barrier identified for the provision of service s to deaf clients. Healthcare providers must be tra ined to become more effective communicators with deaf pa tients and to use qualified interpreters to assure access of deaf people to healthcare.

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