Assessment of Commiphora wightii (Arn.) Bhandari (Guggul) a | 18177
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Assessment of Commiphora wightii (Arn.) Bhandari (Guggul) as potential source for antibacterial agent


Pankaj Goyal, Abhishek Chauhan and P. Kaushik

There is a great need to discover novel antibiotics due to wide-spread emergence of resistance among pathogenic bacteria against available antibiotics. The current study deals to access the susceptibilities of some clinically significant bacteria against various crude extracts of Commiphora wightii gum resin. Agar well diffusion assay was the key process to evaluate the antibacterial potential of various crude extracts of the plant. Active crude extracts were further subjected to determine MIC against susceptible bacteria. The study indicated that antibacterial activity was found to be dependent on the type of extract and the organism evaluated. Ethanol extract was found to have comparatively higher activity than other organic and aqueous extracts. Gram-positive bacteria showed competent but variable susceptibilities to all the tested extracts. MIC data showed hopeful results as some of the extracts exhibited significant inhibitions of bacteria even at low concentrations. Phytochemical analysis of the active extract reveals the presence of certain metabolites. Commiphora wightii gum resin is shown to have promising antibacterial activity that could be very useful in the discovery of novel antibiotic.

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