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Anticipated performance index of some tree species considered for green belt development in an urban area


Dali Mondal a, Srimanta Gupta a* and Jayanta Kumar Datta a

In the present study, the Air Pollution Tolerance Index (APTI) of ten plant species collected from an urban area has been evaluated by analyzing important biochemical parameters. High values of APTI were recorded in Psidium guajava (31.75%); Swietenia mahoganii(28.08%); Mangifera indica (27.97%); Polyanthia longifolia (25.58%) and Ficus benghalensis (25.02%). The Anticipated Performance Index (API) of these plant species was also calculated by considering their APTI values together with other socio-economic and biological parameters. According to API most tolerant plant species for green belt development were Ficus benghalensis (87%); Mangifera indica (87%); Swietenia mahoganii (87%) and Saraca indica (81%).

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