Andropause: Can it be properly diagnosed? | 18075
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Andropause: Can it be properly diagnosed?


Inegbenebor, U and Ebomoyi, M.I

Though it has been difficult to accept that men could be subject to sex hormone fluctuations like women, it has been established that men develop clinical features secondary to low testosterone levels in later life. These clinical features have been grouped into a symptom complex called andropause, and referred to as the male version of menopause. Hypogonadism, partial androgen deficiency in men and relative hypogonadism have been used synonymously with andropause by various authors. This paper critically examines the criteria for diagnosis and suggests new criterion, which is expected to properly distinguish a benign and reversible condition currently called andropause from an irreversible condition currently called acute andropause, which is the true male version of female menopause.

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