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An efficient plant regeneration protocol for Achyranthes aspera L.


Monokesh Kumer Sen†, Mehedi Hassan†, Shamima Nasrin, M. Abu Hena Mostofa Jamal, A. N. M. Mamun-Or-Rashid, Nirupam Biswas

Achyranthes aspera L. (Apang locally) belongs to the family Amaranthaceae, is a highly significant medicinal herb found almost everywhere in Bangladesh. Mass collection of the plant from natural habitats has led to its depletion. An attempt was taken to establish an efficient protocol for its mass propagation from field-grown plants (node). Diverse concentrations of phytohormones in single or in various combinations were used to obtain desirable plant shoot and root regeneration. Experimentally, the best shoot induction was observed on half strength MS medium supplemented with BAP 3.0mg/L. In vitro raised shoots were allowed to root on different strengths of MS medium fortified with IAA, IBA and NAA at different concentrations. Concerted efforts of 2.0mg/L IBA and 0.5mg/L NAA were enabled to induce 100% root initiation with higher root number and longest shoot (17.0±0.75cm) on full strength MS medium. Afterwards, regenerated shoots with well developed roots were successfully subjected to hardening process and were acclimatized. The survived plantlets showed 86.67% survival frequency without any morphological abnormalities. This protocol might be applied for large scale commercial cultivation of Achyranthes aspera L..

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