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An analysis of risks associated with internet recruitment and the management of such risks in Zimbabwe


Fungai N Mauchi, Collins Manomano, Kosmas Njanike, Margaret Mutengezanwa, David Damiyano, Rumbidzai N. Gopo, Fungai B. Gombarume3, Tendai Chazuza, Lovemore Ngoni Muungani4 and Paison C. Mugogo

The advent of the internet has paved way for internet recruitment systems, which is a significant tool in the recruitment and selection processes in the Zimbabwean Human Resources Consultancy Industry. This research focuses on the identification of some of the most common risks and the management principles of such risks to help reduce their effects in the consultancy industry. The researchers employed a descriptive survey method involving the use of electronic questionnaires in the data extraction process. The total population of the study comprised of 30 human resource practitioners from 3 consultancy firms in Harare. A research sample of 15 respondents was selected using systematic sampling. The research showed that most of the employees are not aware of some the risks of e-recruitment and that the systems are being affected by the Recruiters’ cultural approach and lack of expertise within the human resources community towards e-recruitment. The major risks affecting consultancy firms using internet recruitment include strategic, operational, discrimination, information reliability and privacy risks. Applicant tracking systems and regular systems update are the most widely used management techniques to address internet recruitment risks within the consultancy firms.

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