Alterations in the cardiovascular system in patients with ci | 52245
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Alterations in the cardiovascular system in patients with cirrhosis - assessment of a hemodynamic profile.


Dr. Kusztal Maciej

The aim of the study is to screen patients with cirrhosis, which may lead to earlier diagnosing CCM and hyperdynamic syndrome with its consequences among them.

    Methods: The study included 70 patients over 18 years old, with cirrhosis, caused by alcohol ([ALD], 22),

autoimmune (26), viral (9) other reasons (13), qualified for liver transplantation. 39 of them were

male. The median age was 47. We disqualified patients with a history of cardiovascular diseases. Each

patient had a 6-minute walking test (6MWT) done and hemodynamic monitoring using a non-invasive hemodynamic monitor device was also performed.

 Basic group characteristic differs between the aetiologies of liver diseases. Median NTproBNP level was highest in the ALD group (253pg/ml) and viral group (177,5 pg/ul) compared to the autoimmune group (51

pg/ul) and other (114 pg/ml). Median QTc interval was more prolonged in patients with viral

etiology (456ms) and ALD etiology (441ms) than autoimmune etiology (422ms) and others.

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