Age associated erythrocyte membrane damages in rats potentia | 16679
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Age associated erythrocyte membrane damages in rats potential role of chloroform extract of solanum trilobatum.


Amarnath Kanchanaa and Chinnakannu Panneerselavamb

The current surge of attention to improve the quality of life of an organism is nowadays paying attention on natural therapies. Thus, this particular research is focused to study the age associated erythrocyte membrane damages in rats and the protective effect of the antioxidant rich Chloroform extract of Solanum trilobatum. The erythrocyte membrane damages and the protective role of Chloroform extract of Solanum trilobatum (150mg/kg body weight orally for 4 weeks) in aged rats was assessed by the levels of lipid per oxidation, lipid profiles, membrane fluidity, membrane bound enzymes and the antioxidant status as an incidence of oxidative stress on comparing with the young rats. A significant (p<0.05) increase in the lipid peroxidation levels with a significant alteration in lipid profiles, membrane fluidity and a decrease (p<0.05) in membrane bound enzyme activities in aged rat erythrocytes was restored (p<0.05) on treatment with Chloroform extract of Solanum trilobatum. The results of this study showed that chloroform extract of Solanum trilobatum on long-term administration in erythrocytes of rats showed immense membrane stabilizing effect with advancement of age for which the phenolic content of the studied plant material could be a good indicator of antioxidant capacity. With the development in techniques and recent researches, it has been proved that flavonoids which were earlier thought to be of no importance to human diet possess antioxidant properties.

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