A tumor selective chemotherapy. Can this be managed by an al | 18228
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A tumor selective chemotherapy. Can this be managed by an algorithm based on the nonMarkovian population dynamics?


Dmitry A. Kuznetsov, Sergey A. Roumiantsev, Majid Fallahi, Nima Amirshahi, Andrey V. Makarov, Karina S. ardashova

A non-Markovian theory of population dynamics is to simulate the anti-cancer drug distribution between malignant and the hosting normal cell pools. The model takes into account both the cell life span and the proliferation rate differences. This new simulation approach looks promising for its potential to optimize a chemotherapeutic strategy by choosing the scheme with a higher degree of the drug-tumor selectivity.The pre-test designed simulation mode fits nicely the experimental data on Porphylleren-MC16 (PMC16) pharmacokinetics patterns including the allometric plots revealed for this new medicinal porphyrined-fullerene nanoparticle possessing some anti-cancer potential and intervening into the oxygen-independent ATP production mechanisms.

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