A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis HIV in Ethiopian Tuber | 95648
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A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis HIV in Ethiopian Tuberculosis Patients and Intestinal Parasites


Lalitesh Yadav*

It is unclear how common intestinal parasites are among Ethiopian tuberculosis patients. To ascertain the combined national prevalence of intestinal parasites and its correlation with HIV among patients with tuberculosis in Ethiopia, a comprehensive review and meta-analysis was conducted. Cross-references were manually searched in addition to the automated searches of PubMed, Google Scholar, EMBASE, and the HINARI site of the World Health Organization for original papers. A common data extraction check list was used to extract the data. The pooled prevalence of intestinal parasites and the odds ratio of the association were estimated using a randomeffects model. The statistical heterogeneity between studies was measured using the I2 statistic. To assess for publication bias, funnel plot asymmetry and Egger regression tests were applied. STATA version 14 conducted the analysis for among the most common illnesses in persons in impoverished nations are parasitic and TB infections. 1 Worldwide, the overlap between TB and parasitic illness morbidity was shown with high and reliable numbers. In countries with high TB burdens, intestinal parasite infection (IPI), which is widespread, affects more than half of those with latent or active TB infections.

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