A Study of the psychotropic properties of herbal extract Eup | 50557
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A Study of the psychotropic properties of herbal extract Eupatorium cannabilum L.: A literature review


Barkin Igor Mikhailovich and Fedorova Yulia Sergeevna

In recent decades, there has been a growing trend of mental disorders and related psychosomatic diseases. In addition to expanding the Arsenal of diagnostic measures for detecting mental diseases, the pharmaceutical industry is also developing quite widely in the direction of relieving the symptoms of these disorders and treating diseases in General. Since today the vast majority of drugs with psychotropic effects are represented by drugs of synthetic origin, herbal drugs with a similar effect are very sparsely represented on the pharmaceutical market. It is known that herbal-based drugs with comparable effectiveness with synthetic drugs tend to have a milder therapeutic effect and weak side effects, so the search for new psychotropic herbal remedies is currently very relevant. Influence of plant alcoholic extract of the herb Eupatorium cannabinum L. on the emotional response of mice in terms of the methods of J. Brady and W. Nauta showed the presence of anti-stress activity, as in the model of forced swimming test in R. Porzolt - stimulating activity.

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