A same plasmatic protein has own autonomy depending of tempe | 17019
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A same plasmatic protein has own autonomy depending of temperatures and pH values


Agustin N Joison, Federico S Gallo

The same protein has coagulant or fibrinolytic activity depending on the pH or temperature value. The protein has coagulant action in low pH and temperature or fibrinolytic activity in high pH and temperature. A same protein has own autonomy to develop coagulant or lytic activity, depending of its environment. Many diseases may be explained by changes in the internal environments as pH and temperatures affecting the structure native of proteins. The biological activity of proteins depends on its three �?¢�?�?��?�??dimensional structured which is derived by the folding of the linear amino acid polymer synthesized on ribosome. Since the magnitude of these forces is influenced by environmental conditions, a protein stability depends of factors that temperature, pressure, pH, extraneous agents and ionic strength. The fold of Proteins is subject its environment. The structural plasticity is necessary for the catalytic activities of ordered proteins, and the amino acid drive different responses to changes in their environment. The one that with little difference in the range of pH and temperature, a same protein can behave of different function without becoming denaturalized would help to understand the adaptation that undergoes these macromolecules to the environment changes.

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