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Harish Padinjarethil* and Mercy Teegala

Today?s sport has become highly competitive and exhaustive. In the recent few decades, sports science and its associated fields have been developing at great speed. Given the popularity of running and the high rate of associated overuse injuries amenable to nonsurgical management, the primary care physician is likely to manage many injured runners and should be familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of common problems. The purpose of this study was to perform a comparative study to know the effects of eccentric calf training with and without ultrasound in athletes with Shinsplints. For the present study 32 athletes with shin splints were selected from the Brahmananda Reddy Stadium, Guntur in association with the Guntur District Athletics Association. The age group of the athletes was between 16 to 21 years. The athletes were randomly divided into 2 groups of 16 each. [N=16]. One group attended 6 weeks Eccentric Calf Training of selected exercises and the other group underwent similar 6 weeks Eccentric Calf Training along with Ultrasound treatment; in addition to their normal routine. The training period was restricted to 6 weeks to allow adaptation changes, thrice a week i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The sessions were of 30 minutes of eccentric calf training and 15 minutes of ultrasound treatment. The dependent variables selected for the study were MMT (Manual Muscle Testing) of lower limb in a scale of 0-5; Visual Analog Scales (VAS) and sport specific 600m run. The level of significance was fixed at .05 levels, which was considered to be appropriate to test the hypothesis. The results clearly reveal that the right combination of strength training and physiotherapeutic modality would bring about better results in helping the athlete regain his/her pre-injury condition. In this case, it is evident that 6 week of eccentric calf training along with ultrasound treatment can bring about significant improvement in their running ability, muscular contraction and pain reduction.

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