Vitamin C attenuates short-term hematological and biochemica | 18223
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Vitamin C attenuates short-term hematological and biochemical alterations induced by acute chlorpyrifos exposure in Wistar rats.


Suleiman F. Ambali, Charles Onukak, Sherifat B. Idris, Lukuman S. Yaqub, Mufta’u Shittu, Hadiza Aliyu and Mohammed U. Kawum

The present study was aimed at evaluating the effect acute chlorpyrifos exposure on short-term hematological and biochemical changes in Wistar rats, and the ameliorative effect of vitamin C. Four groups of 7 rats each were either given soya oil (2 ml/kg b.w.), CPF(42.5 mg/kg b.w.) and/or vitamin C (100 mg/kg b.w.). The rats were monitored for clinical signs and death over eight week period. Hematological evaluation revealed chlorpyrifos-induced alteration in packed cell volume, and levels of hemoglobin, red blood cells, absolute differential and total white blood cells count. Alteration in the levels of serum glucose, total proteins, albumin, globulin, electrolytes (Na+ , K+ , Cl), urea, alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase, alkaline phosphatase, and erythrocyte and liver malonaldehyde. Group pretreated with vitamin C mitigated the alterations in short-term hematologic and serum biochemical parameters induced by acute chlorpyrifos exposure. In conclusion, acute chlorpyrifos exposure has been shown by the present study to cause alteration in short-term hematological and biochemical parameters partly due to lipoperoxidative changes, which were ameliorated by vitamin C administration.

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