Varian in D-Loop of mitochondrial DNA from hair fibers of so | 17283
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Varian in D-Loop of mitochondrial DNA from hair fibers of some Indonesian people


Purkan1*, Afaf B, Magdalena SH, Lia NE, Redianti GN1, Rizka AA, Presty N and Deby TJ

Mitochondrial DNA is widely used as a biomarker in the relationship analysis between individuals, because of its number copies and its level of polymorphism is high. The biomarker of mtDNA is unusual embedded in hypervariable regions HV1 and HV2. This study reported the nucleotide diversities of (HV1) and HV2 in human mtDNA D-loop from some Indonesian people that live in Surabaya. The research was developed by amplification of mtDNA d-loop from human hair samples then sequencing of HV2 and HV1 regions. The amplification of mtDNA d-loop was successfully performed by primers MH and HV2R at 55 oC as annealing temperature and result the d-loop fragment of mtDNA at 1 kb. The sequencing and alignment analysis of mtDNA d-loop showed that the region of HV1/HV2 of Indonesian mtDNAs are distinct, having the highest level of polymorphism, and showing specific each individual. The genetic diversity value for the combined HV1 and HV2 of human Indonesian mtDNA was 0.97 following the nucleotide diversity was 0.098.

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