Transaminase reference values in a Senegalese adult populati | 17606
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Transaminase reference values in a Senegalese adult population


Cissé F, Gueye M, Thiam S, Ndiaye A, Samba A, Diallo AgneF, Diatta A., Sall ND

This work aims atestablishing the normal values of transaminases (aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase) in a Senegalese adult population. Individuals in our cohort were selected, on a posteriori basis,among workers in a Senegalese company. Transaminases (ALT and AST) were assayed using enzymatic methods (at 37 �?�??�?°), without pyridoxal phosphate, BIOLABO, Maizy, France) adapted to the A15 chemistry automaton (Biosystems, Barcelona, Spain).We found ALT and AST normal values,which were respectively (12-40 IU / l) and (8-46 IU / l). The distribution of normal values based on age and sex shows an increase in transaminases with age in women and a significantly higher ratewas found in men compared to women. Normal values of transaminases in the study population were higher than those of the manufacturer. This shows the interest of determining normal values which are specific to the population. Our results also showed that sex is a factor of transaminases variation. It is therefore necessary to take this factor into account while representing them.

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