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The treatment of liver disease by the use of techniques of genomics


Marry Libert*

The first 30 years of the Journal of Hepatology have paralleled significant advancements in our knowledge of liver function and disease. It has been greatly influenced by genetic advancements. Early research in the 1970s and 1980s revealed the significant links between autoimmune liver disorders and the major histocompatibility complex. The discovery of the genes in charge of Mendelian liver illnesses was sped up during the 1990s by advancements in genomic technologies. This has been possible over the past ten years. The discovery of new pathophysiological mechanisms, the necessity to reclassify liver illnesses, and the emergence of novel disease therapies have all been made possible by findings. Genetics will help with tailored medication in the near future and enable for deeper categorization of liver illnesses. It is difficult to apply quickly evolving technology in the clinical setting and to evaluate the vast amounts of genetic data that are amassing. The historical view of genetics in liver illnesses highlights the possibilities for upcoming clinical studies and patient management.

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