The role of migration its implications for household welfare | 17686
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The role of migration its implications for household welfare and rural development in Kosovo


Ekrem Gjoka

This paper tries to give a thorough explanation of Sustainable Development and its conceptual framework based on the field study and views of several scholars. Recent studies have proved the relation and impact between migration and Sustainable of household welfare rural development and its impact. The paper is divided into three sections, and ends by the conclusion. The first section, review the short introduction different usages of the terms “Migration and remittance” from different theories and dimensions. The second section deals with the results of 225 households’ survey conducted in all around Kosovo. In order to avoid any mistakes or any useless question initially the questionnaire was prepared and tested in advance. The questions try to figure out the types, reasons, and the purposes of using the remittances, and the aim of reflection and challenges on migration issue. The exercise concludes with some personal reflections and conclusions drawn on this regard.

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