The Effect of Seasonal Variation on the Hygienic Standard of | 17872
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The Effect of Seasonal Variation on the Hygienic Standard of Beef Carcasses in Al Baha Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Eltigani O.M. Omer, M. O. Al- Ghamd, Ali Saad R. Alsubaie, A. Fadlelmula

The present study was designed to monitor the micro biological quality of beef from local and imported cattle in the main slaughterhouse of Al Baha, Kingd om of Saudi Arabia and the effect of seasonal variation on it. The total aerobic viable count (T AVC) was calculated on samples collected from six different sites of carcasses during winter and summ er. The mean TAVC (log 10 CFU/cm²), during winter, in the local breed ranged between 2.65 to 3.02 and for the imported cattle ranged between 2.97 to 3.47 . During summer, the count for the local breed was be tween 3.34 – 3.86 and between 3.77 – 4.09 for imported cattle. There was a significant difference in microbial contamination between samples collected during summer and winter from local and i mported cattle. As well, the difference was significant between samples from imported and local cattle. The findings further demonstrated that the sampling site may affect the rate of microbial cont amination. TAVC indicated increased microbial contamination in the sir loin, neck and top site; t hese sites are near the ground, during carcass hanging, which may increase the rate of microbial c ontamination. Effect of microbial contamination on food safety were discussed, conclusions drawn and m ethods to improve meat hygiene practice in the region were recommended.

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