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The Effect of Digital Marketing on Brand loyalty the Case of St. George Brewery S.C in Ethiopia


Asres Mekuriaw Adank*

This study applied quantitative research approach. Primary data were gathered through questionnaire and supplemented by secondary data sources. The research targeted all consumers of St. George Beer in Addis Ababa above age of 21.The researcher was adopted convenience sampling of non-probability technique and Data were gathered from 235 consumers of St. George beer from 246 samples. Data were processed via SPSS version 20 and analyzed through descriptive and inferential statistics. Determining factors such as knowledge of the respondents about social media, Branding, Digital marketing, and knowledge about the St. George beer products were all taken into consideration on the questionnaire and adequate responses were given that have been analyzed on SPSS version 20. As per the findings, all the three affecting factors which are online advertisement, social media and customer satisfaction have been shown to have a positive influence on Brand loyalty. And on overall conclusion the research shows the relationship between Brand loyalty (dependent variable) and a digital marketing (independent variables) have positive relationship. In case of St. George beer being active on Digital marketing makes the brands noticeable at the same time, the digital marketing helps the company to have loyal consumers. In generally speaking, the regression model developed under the study was considered as a good fit or predictor of Brand loyalty of St. George beer products form their customers. The Dependent variable is Brand loyalty which can be explained by their respective beta coefficients. The individual effects of the independent variables can be explained by their respective beta coefficients, as per the regression result.

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