The Ageing, the Decline of Hormones and the Whole-Body Vibra | 18109
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The Ageing, the Decline of Hormones and the Whole-Body Vibration Exercises in Vibratory Platforms: a Review and a Case Report


Sebastião D. Santos-Filho, Nelson S. Pinto, Milena B. Monteiro, Ana P. Arthur, Sotiris Misssailidis, Pedro J. Marín, Mario Bernardo-Filho

Aging is the accumulation of various physiological changes occurring in cells, tissues and organs with advancing age. The ageing would also be due to functional decrements in neurons and in endocrine function. Whole body vibration exercises (WBV) in oscillating platform are a clinical intervention to aid to treat several disorders. The increase of the plasma levels of some hormones has been reported. The aim of this work is to present a brief review of papers involving the utilization of WBV in vibratory platform and the effect on the hormonal levels (HL) considering the publications found in the databank PubMed. A case report involving the use a protocol with oscillating platform at 5 up to 9 Hz, in which the level of testosterone level was measured just before and after the WBV exercise, was also showed. The search was performed using the expressions “whole body vibration”, “whole body vibration exercises”, “whole body vibration” and hormone, and “whole body vibration exercises” and hormones. The number of publications (NP) involving WBV, exercises and hormone were also determined. An important NP was found with "whole body vibration" alone and a small number with “whole body vibration” and hormone. After the sessions has occurred an increase of the 50.1% in quality of daily conditions of the man. The plasma testosterone in the man after treatment has increased 8.43%. However, further studies are necessary to generate information about the oscillating platform and the influence of the exercises in it to alter the level of determined hormones.

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