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Succeeding in Robotics and AI ventures Complexity and Adaptive leadership traits for surviving exogenous upheavals


S. Divya

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics have been widely perceived as futuristic. The sudden exogenous upheaval that the world is facing now – the Covid 19 has turned this revolutionary presence in to a pervasive reality that has forced people to live with new technologies overnight. For some entrepreneurial leaders, this has been a huge leeway to enter the AI industry as there is a sudden need for technological advancements to ensure that people stay connected, to provide some solace of social presence – either humanely or through AI means. The industry AI and Robotics is unlike any other industry. The industry has burgeoned exponentially in a span of months and has no limitations to where it could lead humanity. The applications are so diverse and all-encompassing that there would be no dearth of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to enter the market – which is one of its unique aspects. This paper is about how entrepreneurs with the right leadership traits could embrace the pandemic as a catalyst instead of as a peril for their robotic ventures. Two emerging leadership principles namely complexity leadership and adaptive leadership in entrepreneurs are observed in this paper.  Complexity leadership, which describes how various situations enable the emergence of creative wisdom which in turn would impact significant change in the organization.

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