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Signs and symptoms of Neuroblastoma


Keikhaei B, Pedram M, Popak B, Heidari M, Hadadi N, Samadi B

Neuroblastoma is one of the most common malignant t umors in children that derived from the sympathetic nervous system. Neuroblastoma related s ymptoms are often non-specific, including poor feeding, weight loss, lethargy and fever. In genera l, overt symptoms may not occur until the tumor has reached a big size and/or developed metastases. Sign s and symptoms of Neuroblastoma are protean and many childhood oncologic and non-oncologic dise ases can mimic the features of Neuroblastoma symptoms. The purpose of this study was to assess t he signs and symptoms of Neuroblastoma at Shafa hospital in Khuzestan province. A retrospectiv e review was done in Neuroblastoma patient's documents who were admitted in Ahvaz Shafa hospital during 1991 March through 2008 March. The paraffinic blocks of tumoral tissue were analysed f or MYCN amplification by PCR in forty patients. Of 87 patients with Neuroblastoma, 43 (49.4%) was male and 44 (50.6%) was female. Mean age at diagnosis was 52.2 months. Diagnosis was establishe d in 5.7% up to 1 year of age, and 73.6% and 92% up to 5 and 10 years of age respectively. Diagnosis was carried only in 26.4% of patients up to 2 year s of old out. Sixty nine (69%) had got abdominal mass crossed the midline in 60% of cases. Fever was found in 62.1% of patients at diagnosis. Age at tim e of diagnosis of Neuroblastoma was significantly higher than other literatures, which somehow relate d to patient’s delay to refer. MYCN amplification was found from 3 to 2200, in 32 of the forty patien ts (80%).This study shows that most of the Neuroblastoma patients present with advance stages. So, awareness of general population and increase the knowledge of primary health profession als can provide the diagnosis at the earlier stages of disease.

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