Relationships between the occurrence of Desert locust (Schis | 16073
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Relationships between the occurrence of Desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria Forsk) and plant communities in Niger from 1965 to 2007


Issoufou Dogo 1, L. Mina Idrissi Hassani2, Abdelghani Bouaichi3 , Abdou Mamadou1, Garba Yahaya4, Issoufou Alfhari5.

The study of relationships between Desert locust and plant species evolving in the same habitat was realized on the basis of archives database of locust prospection conducted from 1965 to 2007 and available at the Crop Protection Directorate of Niger and the Regional International Organization for the Control of Migrant Pests based in Niger and Senegal. The objective set for this study is to know better the main plants having a certain affinity with Desert Locust to lead an efficient locust monitoring. The results obtained have shown that nearly 66% of the territory of Niger was affected by the presence of locust with a strong concentration in Aïr, Tamesna and Termit. For all the solitarious, gregarious and transiens of the Desert locust, the strongest correlations based on a level of significance higher than 0, 5 are obtained with Tribulus terrestris, Acacia sp, Aerva javanica, Schouwia sp, Boerhavia coccinea, Citrullus sp and Panicum tirgidum. Two affinity groups of variables were identified. One containing gregarious adults and dominant woody plants and the other affected by the herbaceous plants contained hoppers, solitary and transiens adults.

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