Perceptions of Development in the Northern region of Ghana | 17687
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Perceptions of Development in the Northern region of Ghana


Donyong KK, S.A Donkoh and H. Alhassan

This study sought to find out beneficiaries’ views about development and the qualities of a good development project, among others. The study was carried out in Tamale, Savelugu and Kpalsogu/Dundo in the Northern region of Ghana. The stratified and simple random sampling techniques were used to select the communities and 240 respondents respectively. Data collection techniques consisted of focus group discussions, individual face-to-face questionnaire administration and observations. Respondents’ definition for development was; meeting one’s welfare goals, such as Peace, Enough food, Good health, High income and Education, in line with the moden definitions of development. In terms of the qualities of development projects, respondents were most concerned about their usefulness, use of local resources, legality as well as conformity to culture and religious beliefs. The two main findings that did not meet our apriori expectations were that respondents did not place much importance on the need for their involvment in the planning, design and implementation of projects and programmes and the notion that Governement alone has the responsibility of providing for the people. The community members must be sensitized and educated to appreciate their role in the planning, design and implementaion of development programmes.

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