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MONOCULTURE SOLID PHASE DEGRADATIVE POTENTIAL of CONGO RED by Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus flavus


Okeke BC*, Uwanta LI, Odibo FJC, Agu KC and Victor-Aduloju AT

Mycoremediation is a great technology and can be exploited for the bioremediation of dyes contaminated soil and also to reclaim wastewater. Fungal strain isolated from local Tie and Dye factory in Awka was examined for their dye-degrading potentials and it was found to be capable of degrading Congo red under its optimized medium and growth conditions using solid (agar) phase biodegradation analysis, it is an employable approach for textile effluent degradation to less toxic components. The effect of independent variables such as time, temperature, and pH on decolorization efficiency was constant and put into perspectives. The biodegradation of Congo Red was demonstrated by decolorization of solid state dye-minimal culture medium, the extent of degradation was measured to be directly proportional to fungal growth which was determined by monitoring the growth of the 2 fungal isolates(Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus flavus) diameterin of this dye-minimal containing various concentration (0.1%, 0.01%, and 0.001%) of dyes formulation. The biodegradation of the dye was related to its decolorization during growth of fungi and Apergillus niger showed a degradation potential of about 81% while Aspegillus flavus showed a potential of 62%. There was increase in decolorization diameter along with increase in incubation time. While performing the process optimization studies for the decolorization of the dye-maximum decolorization was observed at room temperature and under static conditions. It was found that the isolated fungal strain was considered to be well adapted, resistant and highly acclimatized to dye contaminated soils showing the decolorization of Congo red dye.

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