Microbiological dental diseases: still waiting for advances | 17613
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Microbiological dental diseases: still waiting for advances in treatment


Kalil, M.V, Leal, B.F. , Silva, S.S, Corrêa, L. C. Novais, J et al

Diseases of microbial origin occur in different body sites including mouth and are described since the early times. Despite the risks and significant number of systemic diseases related to microbiological dental diseases (eg. endocarditis, respiratory infections, cardiovascular diseases, brain abscesses and oral and gastrointestinal cancers), the oral microbiota are not deeply explored or studied compared to others involved in diseases of global importance. In this article we briefly review the topics of oral microbiology including types of oral bacteria and the importance of microbial resistance for the effective oral treatments to remind their importance and the current demand for new treatments.

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