Heavy mineral and grain size characterisation of bitumen see | 16658
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Heavy mineral and grain size characterisation of bitumen seeps exposed at Ogbere, Southwestern Nigeria


Akintola A. I., Ikhane P. R. and Adeola O.

Heavy mineral composition and grain size analysis of the oil sands outcropping in Ogbere area located in the western part of the Dahomey basin, south western Nigeria were studied. A total of ten tar sand samples were considered with a view to elucidate and determine the provenance of the fluvial sediments, particle sizes of the sand and the heavy mineral content. Grain-size analysis result gives a mean value of (0.18-1.10) suggesting moderately to poorly sorted, platykurtic to leptokurtic coarse skewed to strongly fine skewed distribution. Heavy mineral suites of Zircon, Tourmaline and Rutile with a ZTR index of (44.7-61.29). It can therefore be said that on the average, the ZTR index indicate that the sediments were derived from igneous and metamorphic rock of nearby basement rocks but their accumulation was strongly controlled by mechanical process of sedimentation

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