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Geographical barriers impacts on the efficiency of poverty alleviation policy in Vietnam


Nguyen Tan Phat

After the 20 years of economic innovation in Vietnam, government policies of poverty alleviation have brought encouraging results, lessening from 60% in the early 1990s of the 20th century to 10% currently. In urban areas and regions with good geography for agricultural activity and economic development, this rate is very low. In contrast, poor people live mostly in rural areas with geographical challenges such as lack of land for agricultural production and conditions to develop goods market. Poverty and hunger in such areas is a challenge for the effort of implementing government policies of poverty reduction at the present. This article reflects that geography is the factor obstructing the efficiency of policies of poverty alleviation in Vietnam for the past years. This will be a contribution to provide scientific foundations in making programs and projects of impoverishment reduction for the target objects in priority fit for these specific areas to basically resolve poverty issue in Vietnam in the next decades.

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