Gelatin blended with nanoparticle cloisite30B (MMT) for cont | 16687
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Gelatin blended with nanoparticle cloisite30B (MMT) for control drug delivery of anticancer drug paclitaxel


Pradosh Ranjan Das, Rudra Mohan Nanda, Anamika Behara and P.L.Nayak

Gelatin/montmorillonite (MMT) hybrid nanocomposite was directly prepared by blending gelatin with cloisite 30B in aqueous solution by solvent evaporation method.MMT was incorporated in the formulation as a matrix material component which also plays the role of a co-emulsifier in the nanocomposite preparation. Paclitaxel (PTX) with different concentrations were loaded with Gelatin/MMT nanocomposites for studying the in-vitro drug delivery systems. The composites were characterized by using FTIR, SEM, and XRD methods. The kinetics of the drug release was studied in order to ascertain the type of release mechanism. Based on the diffusion as well as the kinetics, the mechanism of the drug release from the composite matrix was investigated.

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