Factors Affecting Land-Use Change on Property Values in Nig | 17784
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Factors Affecting Land-Use Change on Property Values in Nigeria


Bello I. K and 2Arowosegbe O.S

Nowadays, industrialization along with urbanization and growing deforestation, increasing trend of green house effect, raising earth temperature, and rapid climate change have fallen a burden on the environmental resources and caused the earth to encounter twofold problems. Undoubtedly, man’s presence and his destructive activities are not ignorable in reaching such a crisis. Nigeria has been encountering intensive environmental destruction in recent years because of the need to increase the revenue base and better the standard of living for the citizenry. This paper is aimed to answer this question: what are the effective factors that lead to the destruction of land in Nigeria? Land use change and environmental destruction not only has endangered natural resources, but also has had social and human resources to demolishment and torn local societies. In this paper, qualitative methods like interviewing and observation were used to indicate reasons of land destruction and land use change. The conceptual models were created to investigate the interaction between the factors and their results on the trend of forming unsustainable development as a result of quest for higher values of the land in the country. A systems dynamic method was used for this analysis. Unsustainable trends in the land use changes were predicted and finally some suggestions were made to prevent the trend of land destruction.

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