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Ethnomedicinal plants used by tribal community of district pulwama with special references to tehsil Tral, Jammu and Kashmir India


Shabeer Ahmad Dar*, Naveed Gulzar, Ishfaq Maqbool Lone and Haneef Mohammad Bhat

Pulwama district, Jammu and Kashmir is one among the most botanized area of North India. In spite of it different medicinal plants had been used by tribal community of the area for curing different sufferings and disorders. The purpose of the present study is to see the sights and document the medicinal plants used against various ailments by the tribal community of Tral area of district Pulwama. During the survey from April to October 2018, 20 different medicinal plant species belonging to same number of genera and 11 different families were found to be used as operative remedies. The present study exposed that either whole plant or some plant parts are used to cure diverse ailments. It was also detected that bulk of plant species are used to treat more than one disease. The data related like scientific, native and family names of these selected medicinal plants along with their parts used, mode of management and ethno medicinal uses are presented in this paper

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