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Estimation of Different Genetic Parameters for Efficient Selection of Hybrids in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)


Saikiran Veldandi*, L Krishna and Y Chandra Mohan

The comprehension of genetic parameters like variability, heritability and genetic advance in any crop is most crucial to detect different quantitative traits under improvement and thereby follow an efficient selection of desirable plants in breeding program. Here genetic parameters for fourteen yield and yield-related traits of rice hybrids were estimated from an experiment conducted at the rice research center, agricultural research institute, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad during Kharif 2017. Estimates showed that the Phenotypic Coefficient of Variation (PCV) was slightly higher than those of the Genotypic Coefficient of Variation (GCV) for all the traits studied. The GCV ranged from 2.457 for hulling percent to 25.359 for grain yield, whereas PCV ranged from 3.106 for Hulling percent to 27.059-grain yield. In the estimates of narrow-sense heritability were varied from 63.806 (kernel breadth) to 6.708 (head rice recovery). In the present study, the value of genetic advance as a percentage of mean ranged from 3.552% to 48.957%. High heritability coupled with high genetic gain (>20%) as a percentage of mean was observed for 1000 grain weight (29.88%) and plant height (21.966%).

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